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If you are the sort of person who takes pride in dressing up to the nines, you must be spe top-10-most-expensive-watches-brands-rid-0.html. exact replica watches complaintsnding considerable amount of time as when it comes to choosing the designer clothing to embellish your appearance. If you also take pride by your stride to flaunt your designer clothes and accessories like rings , you can take a journey down the lane that unveil big names of luxury and style designer clothes establishments, and can opt for the best, most expensive clothing brands among the varieties.

Here is the list of  top 10 most expensive clothing brands  that earn immediate recognition as well as are popular among the many fashion enthusiasts across the globe. These expensive clothing labels  are soaked up in fashion as you can’t get any better to adorn you with the latest and the trendiest of fashionable clothes.

1. Gucci

Gucci is a very prominent brand that finds a place in the top 10 most expensive clothing labels, as this prestigious Italian clothing brand is known for the designer clothing products that it brings out for men and women. The designer clothing products encompass stylish ties, luxury luggage, famous handbags and designer shoes. The products from the stable of Gucci also include cosmetics, sports articles, jewelry, eyeglasses and other such fashion wear. The Gucci products have earned acclaims owing to the top notch quality of their products, as they are also luxurious, stylish and exceptional.

2. Chanel

Chanel is synonymous with that of the elite, and this known brand as one of the top 10 most expensive clothing brands earns the nods of approval from the rich and famous, and the famous tweed suits of Coco Chanel is a fashion industry staple. As one among the top elegant fashion houses, Chanel has revolutionized women wear products related to clothing, as the younger and trendier crowds get lured by this designer clothing brand. It has an enviable mass appeal as well has remained the status symbol of the elite crowd.

3. Prada

This Italian clothing brand doles out fashionable clothes to cater to the varied needs of the fashion enthusiasts, and apart from being a reputed clothing brand, it is one of the most expensive clothes brands. Prada clothing is a distinguished name for simplicity, comfort and confidence, as many Hollywood stars have also been lured by this designer clothing brand. Prada, which is known for the expensive clothing wear also finds a space in the perfume niche and the many Prada clothing outlets found around the globe provides effective service to reach out to the target market.

4. Armani

Armani, a top name in the top clothing brands, also brought clothing varieties that were affordable, and Armani enjoys undisputed popularity amongst the masses. Armani collection does well to satiate the needs of young professionals, and the Armani Jeans, another of the fashionable clothing range, is a top player in the UK market. Armani also unveils the Armani Junior range that is designed specifically for the juniors and encompass varieties for kids, both female and male. Armani has also premier collection pertaining to cosmetics apart from being one of the top most expensive designer clothing labels. The Giorgio Armani summer collection is one of the ranges that have won the admiration of the fashion enthusiasts, as the beautiful clothes from Armani meet the clothing demands of the most fashionable lots.

5. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs clothing collection is but the dream of young women. The expensive clothing brand brings out varieties filled with various patterns as well as colors, and provides the young women with gorgeous dressing opportunities. Marc Jacobs, apart from very expensive clothing range for women also unveils jewelry, handbags and shoes that come under the same label, and these are stunning beauties as that of the clothing range. The clothing creations from Marc Jacobs are just Persian chic as they also embrace the whimsical and corky types. As one of the top 10 most expensive clothes brands, Marc Jacobs dresses are designed to suit seasons, and are truly amazing varieties as the dresses fall in line with the sophisticated tastes pertaining to modern women.

6. Dior

Dior, in being an established brand, has only ignited the passion as well as increased the appetite of the affluent by producing some of the elegant ladies’ couture. This designer clothing brand that is one of the top 10 most expensive clothing brands is known as brand of glamour, prestige and elegance, as Dior has also diversified their portfolio to bring out quality sunglasses, skin care as well as fragrance lines, and the highbrow reputation of Dior has only gone up with ears passing by. An epitome of trendy fashion, Dior enjoys a healthy international presence and the aspiring fashionistas get lured by the promise shown by the expensive clothing brand.

7. Guess

Guess is an American based clothing line which hit the headlines initially with their popular brand pertaining to jeans. As one of the top contenders in the top 10 most expensive clothes brands, Guess was a frontrunner in creating the designer jeans, as they also introduced the top notch clothing and accessories catering to women, which was named as Marciano. Guess range of clothing also happens to be a hot name amongst the teenagers as the collection related to G by Guess targets this group too. Guess has a wonderful retail presence across the globe as they come out with their new concepts time and again to enjoy the popularity amongst the fashion enthusiasts.

8. Fendi

Fendi has taken the fashion world by storm as it is one of the hottest names to come across in the world of glamour and glitz, and the range now includes handbags for women, ties for men, watches, sunglasses and other varieties. Fendi, which is known to produce flattering outfits have also carved a niche in the ready-to-wear fur line, and it is also one of the top 10 most expensive clothing brands that has brought about a great change in the world of fashion through quality deliverables that get lapped by the fashion enthusiasts.

9. Versace

Versace, with the line encompassing both the men’s as well as women’s fashion wear, is a sought brand by the fashion enthusiasts. Versace clothing which finds a place in the top 10 most expensive clothes brands is but the definition of style. The innovative design and elaborate fabrics entwine to produce pieces that get recognized as edgy and fashionable, as they have also captured the imaginations of the fashion enthusiasts the world over.

10. Valentino

Valentino, as one of the top 10 most expensive clothing brands became a hot property amid the fashion lovers when the innovative creations as well as the talented designs that were created produced fabulous evening wear range. Valentino designer clothing brand is known for the boldness with respect to creations, and women belonging to the luxurious society fall head over heels in love with this expensive clothing brand. The rich take a special liking to the creations of Valentino, as they are designed to the elite and the rich.

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Many men, it seems, enjoy something unique. This can only be obtained by having a more expensive shirt or shoe. Not only women get to enjoy this luxury—men can too!. Let's take a look at some of men's most expensive brands: Berluti shoes come at an extravagant price of $1,830 and above. This handmade leather shoe remains in the market as one of the most loved shoes. Theses shoes are known as the most expensive dress shoes in the world. Antique Levi's jeans -who would have thought they would top at $60,000? Levi has rivaled Gucci with its signature Jean. The fiber construction of this Jean and texture are what makes it so valuable. An Audemars Piguet time piece retails for $700,000. It seems unbelievable, but this watch sold as fast as it hit the market. Brioni makes a men's suit that is $6,000. It is very unlikely that the use of business suits will ever decline. Georgio Armani suits are also an extravagant luxury at $3,505. No quite as expensive as a Brioni, but very well known and with high reputation. Eton ; a Sweedish shirt making company, celebrated its 80th birthday with a shirt valued at $45,000. The shirt will tour the world then will be sold at auction next year. Nike Solitaire Kicks . The most expensive men's sneaker, these diamond studded tennis shoes are worth $50,000 Satya Paul Design studios introduced its most expensive neck tie costing $220,000. The neck tie is made of pure silk with a pattern in 150 grams of gold and adorned with 271 diamonds PechePlatinum's crocodile flip flop are the most expensive men's flip flop. These shoes cost $400 and they are made with hand sewn crocodile straps. Umbro brand of shoes which are decorated with 2,494 gems, rose gold and artwork by film producer and former musician Goldie. These men's cleats cost a hefty $624,000. These prices may seem ridiculous to most, but some of us really enjoy culture and luxury. If you have the dough, then you have the ability to enjoy these pleasures in men's attire and accessories.   show comments What Others Are Reading Right Now. Read on Mademan 6 Things You Think Your Girlfriend Cares About But She Doesn...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Watch Brands in The World

What are the Top 10 Most Expensive Watch Brands in The World in 2016, Watch is one of the generally utilized adornments. For a significant number of us, it is an approach to look upscale, while for others the watches are need to get overhauled with time. Everybody loves to wear agreeable watches that accompany one of a kind styles and look like valuable precious stones and gems. Whatever your taste may be, a wristwatch ought to dependably be on your hand to give you a rich and alluring look. Give us a chance to take a glance at the list of top 10 most expensive watch brands in 2016.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Watch Brands 2016 in The World 1. The Breguet Marie Antoinette

Cost: $15 Million

This watch has been a making of Breguet Marie Antoinette. It is, to the date, the most expensive watch. This is known for its hopping hour, force hold, and bimetallic thermometer. The watch was initially created years back. It has had jewels and gold, and got worldwide consideration.

2. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super Complication Pocket Watch

Cost: $11 Million

Two companions of America named James Packard and Henry Graves took the choice of making timepieces in 1927. Their unlimited endeavors thought of some best in class and perfect scope of watches. This specific watch is known for its horological system, and is made of 18 karat gold. The watch is exceptionally tasteful and has now been spots in a showcase of Geneva’s exhibition hall. It is a standout amongst the most expensive watch brands.

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